Draft Transcripts

Sometimes the need arises during the discovery process of a case which requires access to important testimony quickly.  Rough draft ASCII transcripts are available upon request.  Rough drafts will be provided to the client within hours of closing the record.  Rough drafts are used by counsel to help prepare for a deposition that may be scheduled for the next day or in order to prepare certain time-sensitive updates requested by their client.

It is important to know that when a rough draft transcript is provided, there may be discrepancies regarding page and line numbers when compared with the final transcript.  In addition, clients need to be aware that the uncertified rough draft transcript may contain untranslated steno, misspelled proper names, and other grammatical errors since this is the uncertified draft that the reporter has not had an opportunity to proofread because of the expeditious nature of delivery requested by the client.  All such entries are corrected in the final certified transcript prepared by our certified court reporters.

Other expedited services such as daily transcripts, next day or two-day expedites are also available which will include all corrections since you are provided with a final certified transcript when selecting these services.

Please contact us to learn more about these additional services at scheduling@tcreporting.com.

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