TC Reporting, Inc. is the preeminent Aviation and Complex Litigation court reporting agency, worldwide, working with the largest aviation law firms on some of the most significant cases litigated in the last two decades.  By keeping up with the latest in aviation technology, pilot training and practices as well as the most current legislative issues affecting the industry, TC Reporting maintains a significant lead in capabilities over all other reporting firms.

Founded by Theresa Winter in 1993, TC Reporting has provided unsurpassed services for some of the most notable Aviation and Complex Litigation around the world, including the 9/11 Air Crash Disaster Liability Litigation and the 9/11 Property Damage Litigation, which serviced over 50 law firms coordinating all of their deposition needs.  There are many other high profile cases that have been expertly covered by TC Reporting.

TC Reporting’s attention to detail and ability to have every deposition run smoothly is unparalleled, no matter what the technological requirements.  TC Reporting is renowned for supplying highly personalized service.

TC Reporting’s team of certified professional court reporters, nationally and internationally, have unrivaled knowledge of pertinent aeronautical definitions and terms by utilizing our extensive aviation and trade dictionaries which ensures consistency, accuracy and quality for real-time output to clients at the deposition and within the final transcripts.

TC Reporting’s founder, Theresa Winter, creates unique case specific dictionaries and assigns a dedicated team of reporters to your individual case, all of which improves quality of real-time output accuracy and maintains an uninterrupted flow of deposition testimony.

TC Reporting provides many services that are unrivaled in the court reporting industry which no agency in the world has been able to duplicate.

Schedule your next deposition with TC Reporting so that you may also experience world-class court reporting services.


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